ATO Web Links

Some useful links from the Australian Taxation Office’s website:

Find Your Lost Super!

Use this link to find your lost super. Did you know that there is close to $13 billion in unclaimed super monies!

Click here to find your lost super.

Small Business Benchmarks

Small business benchmarks are designed to help business meet their tax obligations by enabling them to track their performance against the rest of their industry. By comparing your business to the benchmarks for your industry you can assess your business’s performance. The ATO also uses benchmarks to identify businesses that may be avoiding their tax obligations by not reporting some or all of their income. By developing benchmarks for small businesses the ATO is making it clear about what it expects from businesses in an industry. This makes it harder for dishonest operators to get away with not reporting cash income – and makes it fairer for everyone else. Businesses reporting outside the benchmarks may attract the ATO’s attention. There may be good reasons for this disparity, but taxpayers who find they are outside the benchmarks for their industry should determine whether they have correctly recorded and reported their income and deductions.

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Choosing a super fund – How to complete your Standard choice form

The ATO has provided instructions on how to complete your Standard Choice Form.

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