ASIC has released a warning for all registered business owners. The report says that a group of scammers have been contacting SMEs and demanding sensitive information, as well as money to renew their business name.

Frequently, a fake invoice is generated and sent via email, claiming that your business name will be cancelled if you do not pay immediately.

You might also be contacted by phone and asked to pay for a renewal using a credit card or direct bank transfer.

An example of a scam email is below:

What do I do now?

If you are suspicious of an email, you can contact ASIC directly to verify the validity of the request. Alternatively, you can report the email to Scam Watch.

Steps to avoiding scams (Email, phone call, SMS, fax):

  1. If you receive a phone call, email, SMS or fax from the ATO or a governing body like ASIC.
  2. Check the source information, you should never have to supply personal information or passwords.
  3. Do not respond to email or click on any hyperlinks or links.
  4. Do not give out any personal details such as tax file numbers or bank account details.
  5. Hang up and call JPR, the ATO or the governing body back directly for ID.
  6. If in doubt do not risk it.

Important to note you will not be breaking any laws by not giving the information requested.