Stress effects our performance, both physically and mentally, keeping us from reaching our potential.

So how do we control Stress?

  • change your attitude. Can you control the situation? Can you control someone else? If not, accept that you have done your best, then let it go.
  • remove thoughts that provoke stress. Why worry? Most of our fears never end up becoming reality.
  • make good decisions in difficult situations. Why feel lost? Either change what you can or accept that sometimes nothing can be done.
  • behave peacefully. Why feel unsettled? Start your day quietly, commit to thinking positively, and allow yourself to have time-out sessions throughout the day.

Remember that

  • inner peace sparks creativity. Have you ever been in a relaxed state of mind and had a light-bulb moment?
  • harmonious relationships benefit your health. Why argue? Instead, look for what you have in common.

If all else fail take a deep breath and think of a memory that makes you feel good.