Ransomware is a virus that stops you from being able to access your computer files unless you pay a fee, or ransom, to the hackers.

The amount demanded can be crippling and many software companies say that such attacks are on the rise.

Once your computer has been infected with Ransomeware, it may be very difficult or impossible to remove it.

Do I need to protect myself against Ransomware?Yes, you do, especially if you have a business.

Make sure you:

  • back up all your files, especially those of high importance, DAILY
  • back up all your files not only to a hard drive but a cloud-based service as well
  • regularly update your software, including your operating system
  • avoid opening suspicious or unexpected emails or visiting questionable sites
  • install reputable anti-virus or internet security software on all devices

For more information, visit: https://www.asd.gov.au/infosec/mitigationstrategies.htm