Our Community

JPR Business Group aims to be a responsible ‘Corporate Citizen’. We ensure this by continually monitoring our adherence to law, ethical standards and other applicable norms.

We seriously consider the impact of our day to day activities as a business on the environment, clients, employees, communities and other direct and indirect stakeholders including the public at large. Listed below are some of the activities that we undertake within and outside our business to ensure that JPR Business Group continually becomes a better ‘Corporate Citizen’:

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

For many of us, Christmas is a time of happiness; creating precious memories with our family and friends, and sharing in the joy of giving. Sadly though, this is not the case for everyone.

For many of our clients, Christmas is a difficult time of year, with parents already feeling the pressure of struggling to provide for their children.

Connections’ Christmas Food & Gift Appeal provides gifts and food hampers to families who need a helping hand, ensuring everyone has something to celebrate at Christmas.

Can you help us to collect gifts and non-perishable food items?

With the help of the community, last year we were able to provide more than 4,500 gifts and 500 food hampers to our clients.

The Connections Christmas Food & Gift Appeal works in conjunction with the UnitingCare and Target Gift Appeal.

‘My client’s three year old daughter was thrilled to receive her very first princess costume during last year’s Christmas Appeal. She quickly put the costume on over her clothes, and gave me the biggest hug. Although her English isn’t very good she was able to express her sheer delight at the gift she had received.’ – Connections’ Family Services Worker


Reducing our impact on the Environment

Paperless Office

We run a ‘Paperless Office’. We do not have filing cabinets, compactus, etc. All client information is scanned and saved electronically which assists us in easy retrieval of information in the future for ourselves and for our clients. Moreover, double sided printing is mandatory for all staff.

Periodically all paper, when used on both sides, is shredded by a professional shredding service which ensures that our clients’ privacy is maintained at all times. The paper is then recycled to make new products thereby reducing our impact on the environment.

Remember to Switch Off the Lights!

It is mandatory to switch off all computers, lights and air conditioning by the last person to leave the office every night.

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

JPR staff once again rallied to support Australia's Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer Council Australia.
We wish to thank everyone who supported our efforts in raising $1,130.
We look forward to continuing our proud association for such a great cause.