Service Packages

We not only keep you well informed about your statutory compliance but also avoid surprising you with an unexpected amount on our invoice at the end of the job.

We give you a quote for our services before we start providing services to you.

Step 1: Initial Assessment

Whether you are a new or existing client, we can provide an individually tailored Client Service Agreement (CSA) quote for our services for a period of one year moving forward. The quote normally includes Taxation, Financial Accounting and Corporate Secretarial services. Other services can be included on request.

Step 2: Invoice

Once you agree and sign the CSA quote, the quote becomes a tax invoice.

Step 3: Periodical Payments

Based on the agreed CSA quote, you pay us our fees in 12 monthly or 4 quarterly instalments. This way, you will not be hit with a bill at the end of the year which will assist you in planning your cash flow better.